A review of the anglo saxon period

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The Anglo-Saxons

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History of Anglo-Saxon England

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History of Anglo-Saxon England

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The Anglo-Saxons were a people who inhabited Great Britain from the 5th redoakpta.com comprise people from Germanic tribes who migrated to the island from continental Europe, their descendants, and indigenous British groups who adopted some aspects of Anglo-Saxon culture and language.

Historically, the Anglo-Saxon period denotes the period in Britain between about andafter their. You may have arrived at this page because you followed a link to one of our old platforms that cannot be redirected. Cambridge Core is the new academic platform from Cambridge University Press, replacing our previous platforms; Cambridge Journals Online (CJO), Cambridge Books Online (CBO), University Publishing Online (UPO), Cambridge Histories Online (CHO), Cambridge Companions Online (CCO.

The period covered in such lavish detail in Higham and Ryan’s book stretches stretches over a longer period than any other in British history, from the fifth to the eleventh century, conveniently bookended by the collapse of Roman colonial power and the death of the last Anglo-Saxon king, Harold II, at the Battle of Hastings in Old English literature, also called Anglo-Saxon literature, literature written in Old English c.

–c. For a description of this period in the context of the history of English literature, see English literature: The Old English period. Beowulf is the oldest surviving Germanic epic and the.

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A review of the anglo saxon period
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