A review of the story of candide

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Candide, the innocent of all innocents, is a kind of pilgrim who makes a kind of progress as a result of the catalogue of calamities inflicted upon him by the author; but those around him, from the deluded Pangloss to the disabused Martin to the doggedly practical Cacambo, remain as they are when first presented.

Candide escapes to Paraguay which is a Jesuit stronghold and he plans to somehow save Cunegonde. As crazy as these things go in this best of all possible worlds, the leader of the Jesuits is Cunegonde’s brother, and Candide’s dear childhood friend.

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At the beginning of the game. The story begins with Candide and his love interest being suddenly separated and the events of his life from there.

A candid view of Candide

What follows in the story is a series of horrible events mixed with some virtuous ones that Pangloss continuously explains to Candide that whatever happens is for the best.

A review of the story of candide
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