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Bruce Almighty

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The film was completed in the summer of and is seeking a distributor for theatrical release. During hiatus from FRIENDS, Aniston pursued a film career, landing roles in THEN THERE WAS YOU, PICTURE PERFECT, DREAMS FOR AN INSOMNIAC, SHE’S THE ONE, ROCK STAR, THE OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION (her first of many films with Paul Rudd) and BRUCE ALMIGHTY.

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Bruce Almighty is a American fantasy comedy film directed by Tom Shadyac and written by Steve Koren, Mark O'Keefe and Steve stars Jim Carrey as Bruce Nolan, a down-on-his-luck TV reporter who complains to God (Morgan Freeman) that he is not doing his job correctly, and is offered the chance to try being God himself for one week.

It is Shadyac and Carrey's third collaboration.

Evan Almighty

I don't need to sit here and explain this movie to you, do I?It's one of the most blatantly simple movies I've ever seen: Jim Carrey becomes God. End of say Bruce Almighty would have been a mighty bore. The Incredible Hulk is a film based on the character of the same name; following the trend of rebooting a franchise rather than creating a sequel to an unpopular first effort, this film takes place in a different continuity from the version and is the second movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The story takes place five years after the tragic accident which created the Hulk. Directed by Tom Shadyac. With Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman, Philip Baker Hall.

A guy who complains about God too often is given almighty powers to teach him how difficult it .

Bruce almighty film review
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