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EARTH SCIENCE SOL REVIEW Concepts and Topics For the EOC Earth Science Test Igneous Rocks Igneous rocks form from the cooling and crystallization of molten rock.

Review packet for Earth Science Exam. Fill in the blanks from the instructional objectives in The Future Is Now booklet: 1. Earth’s Sun is an average-sized _____. Earth Science: Solar System and Universe Standard: Solar System and Universe - The universe is a dynamic system of matter and energy.

The universe is extremely large and massive with its components separated by vast distances. Getting Ready for Earth Science Place a checkmark next to each item that you can do!!

If a sample problem is given, complete it as evidence. ____ 1. EARTH SCIENCE REGENTS: Extra Help: Testing Day: Class Policy Earth Science Reference Tables Lab Practical Review: Click the Links to Watch Video's on each Station.

Earth's Rotation Sun's Path. Class Notes Special Properties of Water Measuring Earth - Unit 2. Early Greeks held the geocentric ("Earth-centered") view of the universe, believing that Earth was a sphere that stayed motionless at the center of the universe.

Orbiting Earth were the Moon, Sun, and the known planets—Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

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