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Girl Meets Dress Hire UK and Rent Designer Dresses for weddings proms or cocktail parties. Designer dress hire UK from Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham, Herve Leger, Self Portrait. Sep 05,  · Lolita said: Want to ruin your long waited event, try to order a dress from Girl Meets Dress!

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I ordered a cocktail dress for my daughter from Girl Meets Dress. The dress arrived a week after the thirty day preparation/shipping time. The dress is literally coming apart at the seams, the hems have not been finished and the dress has a stain right down the front.

Editorial Reviews. 08/06/ In Dare’s sizzling second Girl Meets Duke Regency (after The Duchess Deal), a young woman discovers that her romantic fantasies about a handsome rake are vastly different from the reality of him/5(18).

Girl meets dress reviews
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